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  • The Complete Guide To Carnaval in Sucre

    The Complete Guide To Carnaval in Sucre

    It’s Carnaval time in Sucre! Here’s what to expect in one of the most diverse and interesting Carnavals around.

  • Colors Festival in Sucre

    Colors Festival in Sucre

    This is awesome. In the lead up to Carnaval, Sucre holds its own version of the Hindu Holi festival, also known as the festival of colors. Yes, that’s the one where everyone throws colored powder at everyone else. Sucre’s Colors Festival is held in February at Casa Delgado from 1pm. There is usually an open bar from 1pm-3.30pm, […]

  • Sucre’s Carnaval of Yesteryear

    Sucre’s Carnaval of Yesteryear

    To avoid clashing with the popular Oruro Carnaval, Some of Sucre’s own Carnaval celebrations have been moved forward by a week. The Carnaval of Yesteryear, or Carnaval de Antaño, celebrations will now begin on Sat 22nd of February.

  • Día de los Reyes (Kings’ Day) in Sucre

    Día de los Reyes (Kings’ Day) in Sucre

    January 6th sees the celebration of Día de los Reyes (Kings’ Day) in Sucre. Kings’ day, also known as Epiphany, commemorates the presentation of gifts to Jesus by the 3 wise men (or Magi).

  • Sucre’s Christmas Lights

    Sucre’s Christmas Lights

    Christmas celebrations are in full swing here in Sucre. Here is our guide to some of the best of Sucre’s Christmas lights: Christmas Lights in Plaza 25 de Mayo The focus of Sucre’s Christmas celebrations is its central square, Plaza 25 de Mayo. The plaza is decorated with lights, Christmas trees, a large nativity scene […]

  • New Year’s Eve in Sucre

    New Year’s Eve in Sucre

    New Years’ Eve is celebrated with gusto in Sucre. Hundreds of party-goers fill Plaza 25 de Mayo where they dance to a live band, and set off hand-held fireworks, and await the stroke of midnight.

  • Chuntunqui Christmas Dance

    Chuntunqui Christmas Dance

    Chuntunqui (or Chuntuqui) is a style of Christmas song and dance which originated in chuquisaqueña. Each year Chuntunquis are danced throughout Sucre and the surrounding area in the lead up to Christmas.

  • Christmas in Sucre Bolivia

    Christmas in Sucre Bolivia

    Christmas in Sucre, Bolivia, combines the best of traditional religious celebrations and Western festivities to produce a holiday which is both deeply meaningful and outrageously fun. It’s a unique blend, the likes of which you’ve probably never experienced before.