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  • 10 Museums Worth Your Time In Sucre

    10 Museums Worth Your Time In Sucre

    Home to some of Bolivia’s best museums and galleries, Sucre provides visitors the chance to learn about the country’s cultural, artistic and religious history in some wonderfully inspiring settings. Most of the museums are conveniently located in the city’s center within walking distance from the main plaza

  • The Macha Flag: Does Bolivia have Argentina’s First Flag?

    The Macha Flag: Does Bolivia have Argentina’s First Flag?

    A curious relic lies in Sucre’s Casa de la Libertad. Could it be that Bolivia is home to the first flag of Argentina? History has it that the Argentinian flag was created by Manuel Belgrano during the Argentinian War of Independence. Seeing that both sides in the war were fighting under Spanish colors, Belgrano perceived […]

  • 14 Incredible (But Cheap) Things to Do in Sucre

    14 Incredible (But Cheap) Things to Do in Sucre

    While Sucre is renowned for its tranquil ambiance and laid back lifestyle, the city is also home to plenty of sights and activities to keep travelers entertained for days on end. Here we have picked some of the best things to do during your time in the White City: [post_summary id=”4377″] [post_summary id=”2003″ title=”La Glorieta […]

  • La Glorieta Castle, Sucre

    La Glorieta Castle, Sucre

    One of the oddest chapters in Bolivia’s history is the tale of its only prince and princess and the pink, crazy, fairy-tale castle they built on the outskirts of Sucre: El Castillo de La Glorieta (The Castle of La Glorieta).

  • Cajamarca Exhibit at MUSEF

    Cajamarca Exhibit at MUSEF

    MUSEF museum is hosting a photo exhibit “Cajamarca – a barren desert into a green paradise”, showcasing the work of the Youth Ecological Association in Chuquisaca. Since 1992, around 80 members of the association have toiled to introduce forestry to a dusty, infertile region known as Cajamara 30kms from Sucre. In the last 22 years entire hillsides […]

  • Photography Exhibition at Musef

    Photography Exhibition at Musef

    A photography exhibition is opening at Sucre’s National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore (MUSEF) today. Presented by the photographic collective “Gato Miope”, the exhibition showcases the results of a digital photography workshop taught by Paul Rodriguez in December 2013. The exhibition is entitled “Colectiva”. The exhibition is to be housed in a temporary exhibition hall upstairs of […]

  • Sucre’s General Cemetery

    Sucre’s General Cemetery

    Visiting a cemetery on your travels may seem a little morbid, however the cemetery in Sucre is quite the opposite, offering a peaceful hideaway. People go to read a book, catch up with friends or simply to contemplate life.

  • San Francisco Basilica

    San Francisco Basilica

    Sucre’s San Francisco Basilica (or Basilica de San Francisco de Charcas) is an asymmetric classically-styled temple with baroque influences. It is home to the “Freedom Bell” which rang to signal the start of the Bolivian independence movement.

  • Torch-light Procession in Sucre

    Torch-light Procession in Sucre

    A torch-lit procession will be held in Sucre on Friday 6 of December to mark the closure of the “Year of Faith”.

  • Mask Museum in Sucre

    Mask Museum in Sucre

    The Sucre Mask (or Mascara) Museum is a quick, entertaining way to soak up a bit of Bolivian culture. While it is technically part of the MUSEF museum, the mask museum is a 4 room exhibit which can be visited separately from the main museam. The museum features around 50 masks used in festivals and religious ceremonies in communities throughout Bolivia.