Colors Festival in Sucre

This is awesome. In the lead up to Carnaval, Sucre holds its own version of the Hindu Holi festival, also known as the festival of colors. Yes, that’s the one where everyone throws colored powder at everyone else.

Sucre’s Colors Festival is held in February at Casa Delgado from 1pm.

There is usually an open bar from 1pm-3.30pm, and carnaval band music, along with music from local DJ’s. There are also fireworks, and a lounge area for chilling out in between powderings.

Pre-sale tickets cost around 70Bs for VIP, and 50Bs for General admission. They include colored powder and a free drink. The VIP tickets also come with an additional surprise.

Tickets are available from La Cite Hostal (#46 Nicolas Ortiz), or at the Tigo store on Plaza 25 de Mayo.

During the day buses run to and from the festival venue, leaving from La Cite Hostal from 2pm onwards (until about 3.30pm).






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