Sucre’s Christmas Lights

Sucre's Christmas Lights

Christmas celebrations are in full swing here in Sucre. Here is our guide to some of the best of Sucre’s Christmas lights:

Christmas Lights in Plaza 25 de Mayo

The focus of Sucre’s Christmas celebrations is its central square, Plaza 25 de Mayo. The plaza is decorated with lights, Christmas trees, a large nativity scene and over 20 angels. The statue at the center of the park, in particular is draped in lights. City Hall, facing onto the Plaza, has its facade fully illuminated.

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Christmas Lights in Parque Bolivar

The centerpiece of the Christmas lights adorning Simon Bolivar Park (Parque Bolivar) is the shooting star-topped miniature Eiffel Tower.

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Christmas Lights at the Rotunda

One of the most unexpected and impressive light displays in Sucre is that of the Rotunda, which is trimmed on every edge with a variety of colorful lights.

Christmas Lights at the San Francisco Basilica

With its illuminated arch spanning the street, the Basilica is a beautiful addition to Sucre’s Christmas lights.

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