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  • Farmacorp 24hr Pharmacy Opens

    Farmacorp 24hr Pharmacy Opens

    Sucre has no shortage of pharmacies. But nonetheless it has just got easier to get the supplies you need. Farmacorp have just opened a new 24 hour farmacia on the main square, Plaza 25 de Mayo. Farmacorp, Bolivia’s largest chain of pharmacies, has been operating in the country for the past 77 years. Despite this long history, […]

  • Travel Insurance by World Nomads

    Travel Insurance by World Nomads

    Brigid and I have been travelling through Latin America for almost exactly a year. As well as having an absolutely awesome time, we’ve sadly reached the end of our travel insurance coverage. Needing to extend our policy, it was a no-brainer to renew with World Nomads. World Nomads are a very professional insurance provider, backed […]

  • Insect-Borne Diseases in Sucre?

    Insect-Borne Diseases in Sucre?

    When travelling to South America, there are many areas where you will be at risk of insect-borne diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever. Are these a concern in Sucre? This post takes a look. Malaria in Sucre You may see the occasional mosquito in Sucre (though they are rare). Malaria, however, is carried […]

  • Dentist in Sucre: Zamuriano

    Dentist in Sucre: Zamuriano

    Centro Odontológico Zamuriano is probably the most modern dental surgery in Sucre, Bolivia. The family-run practice offers a wide-range of dental treatments using equipment and with hygiene standards approaching those of Western dental practices. The Zamuriano staff speak good English. A checkup and teeth cleaning costs 400Bs (US$58), and takes about 30 mins. When we […]