Category: Local Cuisine

  • La Boca Del Sapo Cooking Classes

    La Boca Del Sapo Cooking Classes

    A welcome addition to Sucre’s growing foodie scene is La Boca Del Sapo, a small business run by local resident Moises Condori Gallardo, where tourists can learn to cook traditional Bolivian dishes using recipes and techniques passed down through generations. Taking place in Moises’s warm and inviting home, budding chefs are treated to a clean […]

  • The Chicotillo Sweet Pepper

    The Chicotillo Sweet Pepper

    A new type of sweet chili pepper has been created in Chuquisaca. Dubbed the “Chicotillo Sweet Pepper” (or ají chicotillo dulce in Spanish), the new variety of pepper appears to have a high level of resistance to pests. Ignacio Vedia, a farmer in the small Rodeito community created the pepper when he planted spicy Chicotillo peppers alongside another pepper […]

  • Espacio Cultural Origenes

    Espacio Cultural Origenes

    One of Sucre’s must-see tourist attractions is Espacio Cultural Origenes’ folkloric show and dinner spectacular. The restaurant is set around a large stage where, almost every night of the week, they put on a colorful, high-energy dance show featuring traditional dances from Sucre and the rest of Bolivia.

  • Condor Cafe

    Condor Cafe

    Condor Trekkers is a non-profit tour company operating in Sucre. 100% of the profits made from their tours goes towards social projects in Sucre and the surrounding areas. This year, to diversify their business and make themselves more accessible to locals (not just tourists), the Condor Trekker guys opened a vegetarian restaurant: Condor Cafe.

  • Nativa Artisanal Beer

    Nativa Artisanal Beer

    Nativa Artisanal beers are a range of micro-brewed beers on offer in Amsterdam Cafe. The range features a blond ale, a red ale and a porter.

  • Cerveceria Vicos

    Cerveceria Vicos

    Cerveceria Vicos is a Sucre-based micro-brewery. Their elusive beer range includes the ch’ama beer made with coca leaves, as well as a honey beer, a quinoa beer and a beer brewed with cactus seed.

  • Ted’s Cerveceria

    Ted’s Cerveceria

    Produced and sold by Cafe Florin owner Ted Handele, Ted’s Cerveceria beers are great Dutch / Belgian-style brews, which include an amber ale, a potent honey beer and a delicious wheat beer flavored with orange and cilantro.

  • Sureña Beer

    Sureña Beer

    Produced since 1971, the Sureña beer range is Sucre’s mass-market beer. The beers, which range from a pale lager to a dark amber ale named “piglet”, are available throughout the city.

  • Chocolates Para Ti, Sucre

    Chocolates Para Ti, Sucre

    Offering 20 flavors of some of the best quality chocolate you will ever put in  your mouth, this shop is one of Sucre’s most delicious tourist attractions. Aside from the chocolate itself, a must-try is the Para Ti hot chocolate; a deliciously thick drink made with melted chocolate and a shot of espresso. Be warned, trying one of these will spoil all future hot chocolate experiences!