Chuntunqui Christmas Dance

folkloric dancing

Chuntunqui (or Chuntuqui) is a style of Christmas song and dance which originated in chuquisaqueña, in Villa Serrano. It is based on the rhythm and style of Christmas dances popular in Europe at the time the Jesuits and Franciscans arrived.

The chuntunquis involve dance, tap dance and cartwheels set to cheerful Christmas songs. The songs are have a slow ballard style and folkloric rhythm. They are often accompanied by flutes, panpipes, charango or other Andean instruments.

The early eighties saw a boom in a new, slower style of chuntunqui with lyrics addressing themes of love: romance, heartbreak, deception, etc.

Each year Chuntunquis are danced throughout Sucre and the surrounding area in the lead up to Christmas.






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