Sucre’s Carnaval Dates 2016

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With Carnaval almost upon us, here are the main dates to watch out for.

Sat 23rd Jan 2016

Carnaval starts with a day of traditional dance at La Recoleta as part of the Carnaval of Yesteryear. Consisting of two days of activities spread across the two weeks prior to the main Carnaval weekend, the festivities culminate in the crowning of the Queen of the Carnaval of Yesteryear.

A native parade will be held the same day featuring representatives from the outlying villages and towns.

Wed 27th Jan 2016

Estudiantinas Concert at el Palacete de El Guereo.

Thu 28th Jan 2016

The men of Sucre will be enjoying Compadres, a city-wide celebration of friendship.

Sat 30th Jan 2016

The selection and crowning of the main Carnaval Queens (the Cholita Queen and the Queen of the Carnaval Grande de Sucre) will take place in the open air theatre.

Sat 30th Jan 2016

The selection and crowning of the Children’s Queen will be held in Parque Bolivar.

Sun 31st Jan 2016

The Carnaval of Yesteryear parade will be held, starting at La Recoleta and making its way down to the center of town.

Thu 4th Feb 2016

The women of Sucre will be celebrating Comadres, the female counter-part to Compadres.

Sat 6th Feb 2016

The main Carnaval day starts with the children’s parade. Then in the afternoon it’s the main event, the Carnaval Grande de Sucre parade.

Tue 9th Feb 2016

The last day of festival wraps up with a day of celebration of the Andean deity Pachamama, Martes de Challa.






3 responses to “Sucre’s Carnaval Dates 2016”

  1. Megan Avatar

    The Carnaval of Yesteryear is listed twice – on 24 Jan and 31 Jan. I think it is just the 31st.

    1. Brigid Avatar

      Thanks so much for pointing that out Megan! The Carnaval of Yesteryear is spread over two weeks which I’ve now made more clear in the post. Cheers 🙂

  2. Megan Avatar

    You are most welcome, Brigid. Thanks for clarifying. I missed it yesterday (I walked to Yotala instead which was lovely and I highly recommend it) but I will go and check it out next weekend.

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