Sureña Beer

Spend any time in Sucre’s bars and you’re sure to come across a range of beers called Sureña.

Fernando Mercy y Rene José Alvarez founded the Sociedad Industrial del Sur in 1951, originally producing grain spirits for the Sucre market. In 1971 they established a brewery at Calle Mauro Nuñez No.16, Casilla 176, Sucre, and started producing the Sureña beer range.

Here’s a rundown of the various offerings in the Sureña range.

  • Sureña Especial – Packaged in silver and blue, Sureña Especial is a 5% pale lager. It’s light, slightly bitter and refreshing when served cold.
  • Sureña 33 Premium – Slightly heavier and stronger than the Especial the clear-bottled Sureña 33 premium comes in at 5.5%. Another beer best served cold on a hot day.
  • Sureña Sesquicentenario – Known as “sesqui”, this beer is the most alcoholic of the range, at 6%. It has a slight honey flavour and a medium strength and flavor.
  • Sureña Bicentenario – Brewed to commemorate the bicentenary of the 1809 uprising, this 5.5% lager is heavier again that the sesqui, with a slightly stronger honey flavor.
  • Sureña Chanchito – meaning “piglet” in Spanish, Chanchito is the darkest of the Sureña beers. Not quite a stout, it has a deep amber color and a roasted malt taste. It’s also the weakest of the beers at 4.8%.

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One thing you’ll notice if you sample the range in one sitting is that there is a clear progression from the Especial to the Chanchito. Each beer in the list is a bit heavier, more roasty and more honey-like than the one before. If you try one of the beers and find it too light, consider trying one of the beers later in the list. Likewise, if you find the beer too sweet or heavy, try one earlier in the list. In this way, you should be able to find a Sureña which suits your tastes.

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