Cerveceria Vicos

One of Sucre’s most innovative microbreweries is Cerveceria Vicos.

Founded in 2011, Cerveceria Vicos are famous for their coca leaf beer, but also have three other beers on offer:

  • Ch’ama – meaning “strength” in Aymara, ch’ama (5%)is brewed using coca leaves.
  • Colorado – a 5% beer brewed with cactus seed (airampo).
  • Kusa – a honey beer (5%)
  • Chuqi – a beer brewed from quinoa (3.5%)

The beers are packaged with some of the most colorful, dizzying labels around.

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The Ch’ama coca beer is now on sale in Cafe Florin. The others are a bit hard to come by, however. I’m still trying to track down somewhere that sells them in Sucre. Let us know in the comments if you spot these beers on sale.

As Yuval points out in the comments, you can find Vicos beers in Kalakitas Restaurant, La Paz, and in San Juan de Rosario.

For more on Sucre’s beer scene, check out our guide to beer in Sucre.






2 responses to “Cerveceria Vicos”

  1. Yuval Taylor Avatar
    Yuval Taylor

    I have not been able to find these beers in Sucre, and when I wrote the cerveceria, they responded that they didn’t actually sell them here! I have tasted them in San Juan de Rosario (not far from Uyuni) and in La Paz, in a terrific restaurant called Kalakitas.

    1. Dan Avatar

      Huh! There you go. Thanks for sharing the info Yuval. We’re taking a trip to Uyuni soon, so hopefully I can find them out there.

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