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  • Sucre’s Colourful Markets

    Sucre’s Colourful Markets

    Sucre and the surrounding area play host to several bustling and colorful markets. Each offering a unique experience, the following shopping hubs are well worth a visit when visiting the White City.

  • The Pujllay Festival of Tarabuco

    The Pujllay Festival of Tarabuco

    Located in the Chuquisaca department, about 65 km east of Sucre, is a town famous not only for its vibrant open air market and unique Yampara culture, but its annual two-day weekend fiesta held each year on March 12.

  • Top 10 Hostels in Sucre

    Top 10 Hostels in Sucre

    Known for its beauty, tranquil vibe and great Spanish schools, Sucre is a popular destination for those looking to see the sights and recharge the batteries . Here we have selected the best hostels in the city to get a good nights sleep, meet other travelers and explore the white city from a safe and central location: Sucre […]

  • Visiting Vallegrande and La Higuera from Sucre

    Visiting Vallegrande and La Higuera from Sucre

    Midway between Sucre and Santa Cruz lies the tiny village of La Higuera where Ernesto Che Guevara was captured and killed in 1967, not far from Vallegrande where his body was secretly buried in a mass grave (until its location was revealed in 1997 and the remains moved to Cuba). If you are travelling from […]

  • Laverap Laundry Services

    Laverap Laundry Services

    If you’re looking for laundry services in Sucre, then you’re likely to have a Laverap Laundromat (or Laundrette) near you. Lavanderia Laverap is a chain of laundromats found throughout much of South America. Within Sucre alone, there are at least 6 Laverap locations. Clothes are picked up from these drop-off points and taken to a […]

  • Renting an Apartment (or House) in Sucre

    Renting an Apartment (or House) in Sucre

    Two common reservations we hear about Sucre’s suitability for longer-term visits and as an expat destination are poor internet speeds and a lack of apartment options. We’ve already notedthat Sucre’s Internet speeds have drastically improved of late. Now here’s our guide for finding an apartment or house in Sucre. Like any other city there are […]

  • Bolivian Independence Day in Sucre

    Bolivian Independence Day in Sucre

    On the 6th of August, Bolivia celebrates its independence from the Spanish Empire. If you happen to be in the country on this historic day, Sucre is the perfect place to experience the lively atmosphere, unique culture and patriotic spirit of the nation. Historic Significance of Independence Day Known as Upper Peru or Charchas for the most […]

  • Internet Speeds

    Internet Speeds

    Sucre and Bolivia have been dogged by poor Internet connection speeds in the past. The last few years saw 4G connections become the norm and with them came functional, if not spectacular, Internet speeds. Now, with the recent launch of both the Tupac Katari communications satellite and the 4G LTE Internet connection it supports, Bolivia […]

  • Sucre Beer Guide

    Sucre Beer Guide

    Not normally known for its beer, Sucre (and Bolivia as a whole) is on the cusp of a boom in beer diversity. The last couple of years have seen high quality micro-breweries popping up across the city at an increasing rate. Sucre Life Quick Tip: As voted the best way to travel around Bolivia and […]

  • El Dorado Bus from La Paz to Sucre

    El Dorado Bus from La Paz to Sucre

    We made the direct bus trip from La Paz to Sucre with El Dorado, one of the better operators running the route. Schedule and Tickets El Dorado buses depart La Paz daily from La Paz bus station to Sucre at 7pm, 7.30pm and 8pm, and the trip from La Paz to Sucre takes around 13hrs. […]

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