Laverap Laundry Services

If you’re looking for laundry services in Sucre, then you’re likely to have a Laverap Laundromat (or Laundrette) near you.

Lavanderia Laverap is a chain of laundromats found throughout much of South America. Within Sucre alone, there are at least 6 Laverap locations. Clothes are picked up from these drop-off points and taken to a central location for cleaning. There they are washed, dried and folded, before being returned to the drop-off point for collection. For hygiene reasons Laverap use individual machines for each customer. Laverap also use good quality detergents. In 5 months of using the service, our clothes always came back without problem, clean, and smelling fresh.

Clothes dropped off in the morning (before about 11am) will be processed the same day and ready for collection at around 7.30pm (just before the 8pm closing time). Occasionally there will be a delay and clothes may arrive after 8pm (Laverap will stay open for a bit longer until they do), or be unavailable until the next morning. For this reason, it’s advisable not to put in washing the day before you’re due to leave Sucre, particularly if you have an early departure. Clothes put in the afternoon will be ready the following day. Note that all but the main office on Calle La Paz are closed on Sundays.

Laverap charges 9 bolivianos per kilo.

Follow the links below for more details on the various Laverap locations around Sucre:

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