Where to Get a Haircut in Sucre

Sucre has plenty of them, but it can be hard to find a hairdresser, or peluqueria, when you need one.

There are a few men’s barber shops scattered around the city (such as Jaime Solis Soria located just off Plaza 25 de Mayo). For women, there are some hair and beauty salons around, but they are few and far between, so there is no guarantee you’ll find one when you need it.

The apparent lack of hairdressers in Sucre can be explained by that phenomenon where similar stores or services group together in a single area. In Sucre, there is a block chock-full of hairdressers (both male and female). But it’s a little bit hidden, and you aren’t likely to stumble across it by chance.

The block in question is on Calle Urcullo, between Aniceto Arce and Junin. Virtually every store on this block is a hairdresser or beauty salon. Pretty much the only business which isn’t a hairdresser is La Dolce Vita hostel.

Calle Urcullo is 3 blocks from Plaza 25 de Mayo and 1 block past the central market. Here’s a map showing Calle Urcullo.







4 responses to “Where to Get a Haircut in Sucre”

  1. Yuval Taylor Avatar
    Yuval Taylor

    The best barber in town is on Camargo, just next to the Pasaje Q’oritambo, between Aniceto Arce and Espana. 15 Bs for an excellent haircut (for men and boys).

    1. Dan Avatar

      Thanks Yuval. I’m overdue a haircut, so I’ll be sure to give them a go.

  2. Tracey Avatar

    There is also a hairdresser on Calle Potosi between Grau and Calvo. It’s not very noticeable – look for brown wooden swing doors (like saloon doors). There’s an old lady there who cuts hair – men and women. She does a good job, takes a lot of care and time.

    1. Dan Avatar

      Thanks Tracey. I think I know the one you’re talking about.

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