Avenida de las Americas, Sucre

Visitors to Sucre will usually find that they spend the majority of their time within a few blocks of the central square, Plaza 25 de Mayo. But there are many interesting places to visit if you’re willing to stray a little from the center, such as La Recoleta (and nearby Sica Sica), the general cemetery, La Glorieta Castle. One place worth a visit if you have a couple of hours spare is Avenida de las Americas.

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Avenida de Las Americas is a wide, imposing two-laned avenue running North to South. The Avenue itself is just shy of 1km. It has a central reservation running its full length, which is adorned with manicured gardens, statues in honour of some of Sucre’s political figures, dinosaur telephone boxes, plenty of benches and a beautiful large flower clock. Along the avenue is where you’ll also find Sucre’s main bus terminal and airport.

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During the day, the Avenue is a sleepy place with a handful of locals milling around the local restaurants and cafes which line the street. On a sunny day, it is a great place for a walk. At North end are several ice-cream shops where you can take a rest and enjoy all manner of flavors and sundaes. Or if you’re there around lunch, you can drop into El Gaucho Churrasqueria Argentinian steak house half-way along the avenue (#281 Avenida de las Americas) for an afternoon of live music and some of the best meat on offer in the city.

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At night, the Avenue comes to life, with locals filling the strip’s many bars and clubs. If you’re looking to join in the fun, a good option is La Republic Cafe Terraza (#660 Avenida de las Americas, at the North end), which regularly offers live music on the weekends.

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Directions to Avenida de las Americas

Located on the outskirts of Sucre, Avenida de las Americas is a pleasant 30 minute walk from Plaza 25 de Mayo. Do be aware that there is a moderate uphill climb at one point so traveling by taxi might be a better option for some.







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