Dentist in Sucre: Zamuriano

Dentist Sucre

Centro Odontológico Zamuriano is probably the most modern dental surgery in Sucre, Bolivia.

The family-run practice offers a wide-range of dental treatments using equipment and with hygiene standards approaching those of Western dental practices. The Zamuriano staff speak good English.

A checkup and teeth cleaning costs 400Bs (US$58), and takes about 30 mins. When we got this procedure done, the cleaning was more uncomfortable (read: painful) than we were used to in Australia. We realized why when we examined our teeth afterwards – the dentist here had done a much more thorough job than back in Oz. Our teeth have never been cleaned so well.

To make an appointment you simply walk into the surgery. You’ll enter a waiting room, with a single blue door. Knock on this door and the dental assistant will come and take your name and set an appointment time (there are no big waiting lists – you should be able to be seen either on the same day, or within a day or two). You then simply return at your scheduled appointment time. No ID or form-filling is required.

Zamuriano dental services are located at Olañeta #1, on the corner of Bustillos, one block from Plaza 25 de Mayo.


[details place=”Zamuriano Dental Surgery” address=”Olañeta #1, Sucre, Bolivia” mapaddress=”Bustillos, sucre, bolivia” mapzoom=”16″ phone=”+591-4-6462972″ webpagetext=”” webpageurl=”” email=”” hours=””]






2 responses to “Dentist in Sucre: Zamuriano”

  1. Jorge Torrico Avatar
    Jorge Torrico

    We went to Zamuriano, but when I did read “implantology cirugy” I though I was in the wrong place. But when I made an enquiry they did accomodate me and my wife. After a quick inspection of the goods, the young dentist asked me when was the last time I saw the dentist and got straight into the dental cleaning, I nearly passed out, however I decided to give my head and body to the dentist. She gave me the best explanation for my dental care and how often I should see the dentist. We were happy, in Australia they go in and out and want other follow up checks. It’s a motivation to go to sucre bolivia.

    1. Brigid Avatar

      Hi Jorge, glad to here your experience with a dentist in Sucre went well 🙂

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