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  • Studying Spanish in Sucre

    Studying Spanish in Sucre

    Travellers looking improve their Spanish speaking skills will be hard pushed to find a cheaper, safer and more beautiful place than Sucre to learn the local lingo.

  • 14 Incredible (But Cheap) Things to Do in Sucre

    14 Incredible (But Cheap) Things to Do in Sucre

    While Sucre is renowned for its tranquil ambiance and laid back lifestyle, the city is also home to plenty of sights and activities to keep travelers entertained for days on end. Here we have picked some of the best things to do during your time in the White City: [post_summary id=”4377″] [post_summary id=”2003″ title=”La Glorieta […]

  • Me Gusta Spanish School

    Me Gusta Spanish School

    Despite only opening in 2011, and despite its small size, Me Gusta Spanish School already ranks as Trip Advisor’s top activity in Sucre, beating out things like rock climbing and quad biking. So just what is it about Me Gusta that makes people want to study the subjunctive rather than scale the side of sica […]

  • BoliGringo at Amsterdam

    BoliGringo at Amsterdam

    Update: Cafe Amsterdam has closed down. We wish the Linda and the teamĀ all the bestĀ for the future. An evolution of the popular “Gringo Lingo” Spanish practice sessions, Cafe Bar Amsterdam are now holding a “BoliGringo” night every Monday. BoliGringo lets you take part in activities and language practice with Spanish speakers of all levels. Activities […]