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About Inti Magazine

Inti is a bi-monthly magazine written, illustrated and sold in Sucre by some of the city’s poorest children. Money raised from sales of the magazine help pay for food, clothing and school supplies for the children.

The magazine features articles on a wide range of topics, such as personal stories of the children’s lives, poems, science, and tales of local events and towns. Volunteers translate the articles into English, making Inti a bi-lingual magazine and a great resource for anyone learning Spanish.

Inti magazine is sold in and around Plaza 25 de Mayo, usually in the afternoons when the children have finished school for the day. The children carry a small sign explaining the purpose of the magazine and, if available, may be accompanied by an English-speaking volunteer who helps the children sell to gringos.

Inti is more than just a magazine and a bit of money for the children. It is a whole support system which, through the work on the magazine and the extra-curricular activities funded through donations, gives the children the guidance, skills and even affection needed to break the poverty cycle they live in. While some people may, understandably, have reservations about supporting child labor, denying the children the support of organizations such as Inti would be to condemn them to a harsher, more hopeless life. Without Inti, many of the children would be working anyway; begging on the streets with less time for schooling and without the many benefits Inti offers.

Read about Brigid’s time volunteering with Inti.


Support Inti

If you want to help support Inti, you can do so by buying the magazine (at a cost of 3Bs, or US$0.43). It’s a fascinating magazine which offers a rare insight into the lives of Sucre’s least fortunate.

Furthermore, Inti is in constant need of volunteers to accompany the children while they are selling the magazines, and to help out on trips and organised activities. See here for more information on volunteering with Inti.

One final way you can help Inti is by making a donation. Even small donations go a very long way in Sucre.

You can learn more about the magazine and the organization on the Inti website.

Update: As of 2017, Inti Magazine is no longer being produced. We wish Philly and her team all the best for the future.






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