Ted’s Cerveceria

Ted’s Cerveceria is a microbrewery run by Cafe Florin owner, Ted Handele.

Ted’s Cerveceria brews the following beers:

  • Ambar – a 5% full-bodied amber-colored pale ale with a slight bitterness.
  • Chala – a refreshing 5% wheat beer brewed with a touch of spice, cilantro and orange peel.
  • Ñusta – a potent honey beer (8.5%), which is named after the Quechuan word for Incan princess.

The beers are brewed using fresh ingredients and Belgian / Dutch brewing methods.

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Where to Buy Ted’s Cerveceria Beers

Ted’s beers are sold in various places throughout Bolivia, including the following:

  • Sucre
  • La Paz
    • Restaurant GUSTU (#300 Calle 10, Calacoto)
    • Café Sol Y Luna (#999 Calle Murillo)
    • Restaurant Tierra Sana
    • A Tutta Pizza (#1323 Calle Montenegro, San Miguel)
    • Irish Pub (Plaza Avaroa)
  • Copacabana
    • NeMo’S BaR

For more on Sucre’s beer scene, check out our guide to beer in Sucre.






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