Category: Cafes

  • Café Gourmet Mirador

    Café Gourmet Mirador

    Of all the cafes in Sucre, Cafe Gourmet Mirador lays undisputed claim to the best view. The chef is Italian, so there is a range of homemade pizzas and pastas on offer. There are also sandwiches and snacks such as cheese and olive platters.

  • Condor Cafe

    Condor Cafe

    Condor Trekkers is a non-profit tour company operating in Sucre. 100% of the profits made from their tours goes towards social projects in Sucre and the surrounding areas. This year, to diversify their business and make themselves more accessible to locals (not just tourists), the Condor Trekker guys opened a vegetarian restaurant: Condor Cafe.

  • KulturCafe Berlin

    KulturCafe Berlin

    Opened in 1988, KulturCafe Berlin brings a bit of Germany to Sucre. The cafe / restaurant / bar offers a good place to hang out any time of the day, either inside or in the open air courtyard.

  • Chocolates Para Ti, Sucre

    Chocolates Para Ti, Sucre

    Offering 20 flavors of some of the best quality chocolate you will ever put in  your mouth, this shop is one of Sucre’s most delicious tourist attractions. Aside from the chocolate itself, a must-try is the Para Ti hot chocolate; a deliciously thick drink made with melted chocolate and a shot of espresso. Be warned, trying one of these will spoil all future hot chocolate experiences!

  • Café Restaurant Florin

    Café Restaurant Florin

    Café Restaurant Florin is almost permanently open. It has one of the fastest WiFi connections in town. It offers reasonably priced local and international food, and has a generous happy hour. So it’s easy to see why the Dutch-owned Florin is one of Sucre’s most popular hangouts for both locals and travelers.