La Sombrerería Cultural Center

Coinciding with the May 25th celebrations, a design has been selected for Sucre’s planned cultural center “La Sombrerería”.

The cultural center will provide an place for cultural, artistic, music, sporting, and literary expression and development. When completed it will be the largest cultural center in Bolivia. The center will be located on a 6882 sq meter site on the corner of España and Camargo streets. This site once housed the first hat (sombrero) factory in Sucre, after which “La Sombrerería” is named.

The center will include an archive of Bolivian cinematic works, contemporary art exhibition centers, cinema rooms, free areas for artistic expression and workshops for the restoration of heritage properties.

A 50,000 bolivianos prize was awarded to the winning architects Efraín Miguel Calle and Denis Flores.







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