Sica Sica Hill

Sucre lies at the foot of the twin hills Sica-Sica and Churuquella.

The peak of Cerro Sica-Sica (or Sica-Sica hill) is 2,732m above sea level, but only a few hundred metres above Sucre itself. At the top of a hill is a large crucifix which is illuminated at nights and often glows eerily against a backdrop of low-lying cloud.

Hiking Sica Sica

Sica Sica offers panoramic views over the city, and climbing it is about a 2hr round trip from the center of town, making it a great way to spend a sunny morning (or afternoon). The climb itself is challenging but attainable and would be suitable for anyone with a moderate fitness level or higher.

There is a single path up to the summit, which can be found just off Avenida del Ejercito. If you’re coming from the centre of town, take Calle Grau all the way to its end (up and over the steps and keep going until you reach Calle Polanco). Turn left on Calle Polanco and Avenida del Ejercito is your first right (just a few metres down from the end of Calle Grau). Follow Avenida del Ejercito all the way to the first roundabout. The road to the left runs all the way to the summit of the hill.

The path itself can become muddy and difficult after rain, so it is best hiked after several rain-free days. Also, please be aware that stray dogs have been sighted along the Sica Sica track, something to take note of, especially if you’re hiking alone.

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Rock Climbing on Sica Sica

Sica-Sica is also a popular place for rock-climbing due to its proximity to the city and the presence of several rock-faces with routes suitable for a range of skill levels.

Most climbs take place on two adjacent walls of a crag located on the western side of Sica Sica. Each wall is 25m high and has 7 routes. The easier wall, the “slab”, has a mix of cracks, jugs and crimpers (small, challenging holds), while the harder wall has an overhang on every route. The slab ranges in grade from 5.6-5.9 (US), while the overhang ranges from 5.7-5.11a.

For advanced rock-climbers, there is Garzilazo, a 25m sandstone crag in the valley below Sica Sica. Eight routes ranging in difficulty from 5.10a to 5.12b.

Tour Companies

A number of Sucre’s tour companies offer rock-climbing tours to Sica Sica, including






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