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  • Comadres at Cafe Florin

    Comadres at Cafe Florin

    Cafe Florin are kicking the men out for a girls-only night of fun this Comadres Thursday. There will be live music by Imagen and DJ Pantera. Admission is 20Bs and includes your choice of free drink: “shreks” (a potent green cocktail), tequila or leche de tigre. Cafe Florin is located at #567 Calle Bolivar.  

  • Carnaval in Sucre: Comadres

    Carnaval in Sucre: Comadres

    This post is part of our series: Carnaval in Sucre. A week after the celebration of Compadres, Sucre celebrates its counter-part: Comadres. Held the Thursday prior to the main Carnaval weekend, Comadres is a female-only holiday. Reminiscent of a giant hens’ night, Comadres sees the women of Sucre enjoy a day of celebration, while being […]

  • Compadres at Rockerz

    Compadres at Rockerz

    If you like your Compadres celebrations heavy, get on down to Rockerz Hard Rock Cafe this evening. Rockerz are hosting live music from Capitain Yote, accompanied by Murder Machine. The night kicks of at 10pm. There is a cover charge of 15Bs for guys (2 for 20Bs), and 10Bs for women. Rockerz Hard Rock Cafe […]

  • Compadres at Casa del Gaucho

    Compadres at Casa del Gaucho

    Throwing their hat into the Compadres party ring is Casa del Gaucho. Gaucho is holding a night of live music from guitarist Gonzalo del Carpio, accompanied by complimentary drinks and meat straight from the grill. The night starts at 9pm at #562 Calle Bolivar. Entry is free.

  • Compadres at Salfari

    Compadres at Salfari

    Today is Compadres, part of Sucre’s Carnaval festivities. Parties are happening all over town. Local band La Quimera will be playing at Salfari tonight. The special offer for the night is that groups of 15 compadres or more will be given a free bottle of tequila. Salfari is located at #237 Bustillos.  

  • Carnaval at Cafe Amsterdam

    Carnaval at Cafe Amsterdam

    Cafe Amsterdam are fully embracing Carnaval in Sucre with a packed program of activities. Here’s what’s on: Thu 20th Feb: 6pm: Movie – y tambien la lluvia 9pm: Compadres party featuring live music from Grupo Phuynari and surprises for the Compadres Fri 21st Feb: 6pm: Movie – The Devil’s Miner 9pm: Live guitar music with […]

  • Compadres at BiblioCafe Classic

    Compadres at BiblioCafe Classic

    Sucre’s Carnaval celebrations are in full swing, with Compadres taking place this Thursday. BiblioCafe Classic are holding their own Compadres celebrations starting from 9pm. There will be prize draws, bottles of leche de tigre, and tumbo shots. BiblioCafe Classic is located at #46 Calle Nicolas Ortiz.

  • Where to Get Passport Photos in Sucre

    Where to Get Passport Photos in Sucre

    If you’re applying for visas in Sucre, you may need to have passport photos made. Here’s how to go about it. The first thing to be aware of is that the Bolivian government place certain requirements on passport photos. Most notably, Bolivian passport photos need to have a red background, so you may find that […]

  • Carnaval Water Wars in Sucre

    Carnaval Water Wars in Sucre

    This post is part of our series: Carnaval in Sucre. One of the first signs you’ll see of the approach of Carnaval in Sucre is likely to be an unexplained patch of water on an otherwise dry road. If you’re not careful, this may well be followed by a water balloon to the back of […]

  • Colors Festival in Pictures

    Colors Festival in Pictures

    Hi to everyone who made it out to the Colors Festival this weekend! We had a blast getting messy with you all! Here’s a look back at some of the techno-colored madness: Did you make it to Colors Festival? Let us know in the comments below…