Bands of Sucre: La Logia

Rock band, La Logia, was formed in 1998 in Sucre Bolivia by Juan Calderón, José Alberto Hernan Laguna, Edwin Olivares and Bismark Cespedes.

Named in tribute to the prohibited concerts held in medieval masonic lodges, La Logia (The Lodge) released their self-titled first album in 1999. Of the back of this, They were named Best Rock Band by Radio Hit in 2000. The same year Radio La Bruja named the group Sucre’s Best Rock Band, and ranked them as third overall in Bolivia.

La Logia released their follow up album, “Nacer para Morir” (Born to Die), in 2001. This was followed in 2003 by a third album called “La función debe continuar…” (The show must go on …). Taking part on this album were José Alberto, Germán Herrera, Fernando Romero and Julio Ríos. The album was well-received, earning the band a number of awards and paving the way for several successful national tours.

A difficult couple of years followed, but eventually in 2006 La Logia put out a fourth album “Sin Boleto de Vuelta” (No Return Ticket). The album was released to an audience of 7000 people in Sucre’s Plazuela Aniceto Arce. The lineup for this album was José Alberto, Germán Herrera, Gonzalo Calvo and Gutierrez Cidar.

After further recognition and performances, the band released a fifth album in 2008 entitled “La Garrapata Cosmica” (The Cosmic Tick), which included the title track from the soundtrack of the Bolivian film “La Maldición de Rocha”. This time all the music was written and performed by José Alberto, Germán Herrera, Gonzalo Calvo and Gutierrez Cidar

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In 2009 the band received recognition by the Mayor of Sucre for the contribution of 10 years of musical culture of the city and for being the city’s most representative rock band.

This month (April 2014), La Logica released their 6th album, “Quince Años” (15 years). The band’s current line up is comprised of José Alberto (voice and harmonica), Mario Jorge Navarro (bass), Cidar Gutiérrez (guitar) and German Herrera (drums).






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