Bands of Sucre: Killers (Heavy Metal)

Killers is a Sucre-based heavy metal band founded in August 2011 by Luis Fernando Marconi, Ruddy Delgado and Brayan Marconi.

About the Band

The band started out doing Iron Maiden covers, and performed their first public concert in Nov 2011. After several more concerts and several member changes, the band began composing their own music. On January 15 2013 the Killers released their first single Guerrero por el Metal, under the “Arte Sónico Estudio” label.

The band continued playing gigs around Sucre and Potosi, gaining popularity as they did so.

The Killers released their first studio album in Feb 2014, Guerreros por el Metal, again under the “Arte Sónico Estudio” label. The band is currently promoting the new album.

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Band Composition

During their short time together, the band has already been through (and survived) a large number of band member changes.

Current Members:

  • Luis Fernando Marconi (vocals) – Founder
  • Brayan Marconi (guitar) – Founder
  • Erwin Méndez (guitar)
  • Jorge Luis Marín Tapia (bass)
  • Ariel Llanos Avendaño (drums)

Former Members:

  • Rodrigo Montaño Córdova (guitar)
  • Johan Kenny Meza Díaz (bass)
  • Joshua Espada (drums)
  • Ruddy Delgado (guitar) – Founder
  • José Eduardo Porcel Yabeta (guitar)
  • Miguel Quiroga Castro (guitar)
  • Fernando Barrero (drums)
  • José Luis Caballero Kuno (drums)






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