Top 10 Places To Party In Sucre

best places to party in sucre bolivia

Sucre has a large student population giving the city a youthful vibe and happening nightlife. Heading out on the town is not only cheap but a whole lot of fun, providing the perfect opportunity to meet fellow travelers and locals alike.

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Here are our recommendations for where to get your favorite tipple or cut loose on the dance floor:

Goblin Bar and Microbrewery

Goblin Bar is a new micro-brewery and bar offering their own range of artisanal craft ales. They currently produce a light golden ale, an amber ale and a dark, stout-like “copper” ale.

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Café Restaurant Florin

Café Restaurant Florin is almost permanently open. It has one of the fastest WiFi connections in town. It offers reasonably priced local and international food, and has a generous happy hour. So it’s easy to see why the Dutch-owned Florin is one of Sucre’s most popular hangouts for both locals and travelers.

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The Red Lion English Pub

The only English-themed bar in town, Red Lion English Pub is where travelers and British loving Bolivians go to watch live sports, drink with their mates and enjoy delicious English and Bolivian fare.

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Joy Ride Cafe

Joy Ride is one of Sucre’s most popular tourist hangouts and a great place to meet fellow travelers. The bar is in prime position across from the Cathedral and just off Plaza 25 de Mayo, on Nicolas Ortiz. Originally started as a tour operator (a function Joy Ride still performs), the main operation of the business is now the cafe / bar.

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KulturCafe Berlin

Opened in 1988, KulturCafe Berlin brings a bit of Germany to Sucre. The cafe / restaurant / bar offers a good place to hang out any time of the day, either inside or in the open air courtyard.

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O’Finnigan’s Irish Pub

In search of the Craic in Bolivia? Located in an old colonial building in the centre of Sucre is a small but cosy establishment where both travelers and locals can go to enjoy a stellar night out on the town.

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Mitos Nightclub, Sucre

Mitos Discoteca is Sucre’s most popular nightclub, though perhaps not its classiest. As you enter, you go down the stairs to a spacious room which functions as one large dance floor. Mitos can get very busy, with locals and tourists alike grinding to a mix of American and Latin music.

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La Republica Cafe Terraza

This restaurant / bar is one of the main places where locals go to eat and drink. La Republica offer live music on the weekends and happy hour every day from 9pm to 10pm.

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Hidden atop of CineSAS you will find a beautiful roof top terrace with sweeping views over the city. The interior is tastefully decorated and the music played is a mix of electronic and pop. Due to its reputation, Mooy attracts some of Bolivia’s top bands and DJs, making it an even bigger draw-card for young revelers.

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La Vieja Bodega

Furnished with old wine barrels, rich wood and soft lighting, La Vieja Bodega restaurant and bar is a great place to kick back with friends and a bottle of wine.

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