The Beehive Hostel

The Beehive is one of a growing number of social projects helping to bootstrap development in Sucre. The Beehive currently consists of a hostel, community center and cafe.

Beehive was established to empower local women by offering them training programs culminating in part-ownership of the Beehive business. Beehive also seeks to involve travelers in the process, and all profits go towards social projects.

beehive hostel sucre collage

The beehive hostel consists of four rooms:

  • Blue room – an 8 bed mixed dorm, with a mountain view. $7.50 per person per night.
  • Green room – a 10 bed mixed dorm, with city and mountain views. $7.50 per person per night.
  • Orange room – a 6 bed mixed dorm (with female preference). $7.50 per person per night.
  • Deluxe room – private double room with shared bathroom. $22 per night.

Breakfast is included, with a choice of oatmeal, fruits and yoghurt, or veggie frittata during the week, pancakes on Saturdays and French toast with fruit on Sundays. On Sundays the Beehive also hold a communal brunch or dinner.

beehive hostel sucre garden

A number of services are available at extra cost, including private lockers (3Bs), towel rental (3Bs), laundry (20Bs per wash), DVD rental (2 Bs), pilates/stretch class (10Bs).

Beehive is not a party hostel. It has a curfew of midnight on weekdays and 3am on weekends.

beehive hostel sucre lounge

Beehive is located at Calle Capitan Echeverria #31, Sucre.

Update: The Beehive project has moved to Calle Avaroa 607, between Calle Azurduy and La Paz.

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