Heladeria Sucré

Icecream in Sucre

Located on Plaza 25 de Mayo, Heladeria Sucré is Sucre’s most creative ice-cream shop.

A range of flavors are on offer, each served with a fun topping, for example:

  • Lime or strawberry topped with candy floss
  • Black beer topped with peanut garrapiñada (caramel-coated peanuts)
  • Rice pudding topped with meringue
  • Coffee with mini cookies
  • Baked apple with mini-apples

Heladeria Sucré is a great place to grab an ice-cream to enjoy in the park, or in their upstairs seating area.

A small cone / cup costs 8Bs, a medium one 15Bs, and a large one 22Bs.

Heladeria Sucré also offer some other treats such as the Argentinian favorite: coffee with medialunas (a sort of small, glazed croissant).

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  1. Naomi says:

    I wish I had tried this place when I was in Sucre last year, it looked so good but my friends weren’t convinced so we went elsewhere. For next time!

  2. This place sounds amazing! Never thought I’d want to travel internationally to get ice cream, but now it’s definitively on the travel bucket-list 🙂

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