Salón de Té Las Delicias

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If you fancy some afternoon tea during your stay in Sucre, make your way to Salón de Té Las Delicias.

This elegant cafe specialises in delicious snacks from the Santa Cruz region as well as pastries, crepes and cakes, making it a very popular place for locals and tourists alike.

restaurants sucre bolivia

For those looking for something to accompany their cake, Las Delicias also offer a range of beverages including imported teas, hot chocolate, coffee and juices. Vegetarians are well catered for with empanadas, humintas (corn and cheese), sonsos (yucca with cheese) and cuñapés (cheese buns with chewy centers) listed on the menu.

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Most items cost around Bs. 4-5 ($1), so make sure to get in early to avoid missing out!

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