Pueblo Chico

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Located right on the main square, Pueblo Chico is not only a cafe and bar, it is also a free art gallery.

The dimly lit corridor opens into a cafe area with a bar.  The walls of Pueblo Chico are hung with paintings – works of art produced by local artists. An upstairs seating area overlooks the cafe area and helps accommodate the night-time crowds.

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It’s a good place to enjoy a drink or two and is conveniently located on the plaza. From 9pm there is a happy hour, which runs until 11pm on the weekends.

this-was-good-thoughFood wise, the speciality of the house is the Bolivian national dish Pique Macho, but there are also many other dishes to choose from including paella, piqueos, salads and tortillas, just to name a few. And the coffee menu will leave you spoiled for choice with many caffeine concoctions on offer.

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