Laverap Laundry Services (Calle Calvo)

Laverap Laundry Services (Calle Calvo)

If you’re looking for laundry services in Sucre, then you’re likely to have a Laverap Laundromat (or Laundrette) near you.

Lavanderia Laverap is an efficient and reliable chain of laundry services found throughout Sucre. Clothes are typically washed within 24hrs – drop off in the morning and you’ll be able to collect your clothes before the 8pm closing time that same day.

Laverap charges 9 bolivianos per kilo.

The Calle Calvo Laverap drop-off point is just 1/2 block from Plaza 25 de Mayo.

Place: Lavanderia Laverap (Calle Calvo)
Address: Calle Calvo 14, Sucre, Bolivia
Phone: 64-15002
Hours: Mon-Sat: 8am-8pm

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