El Germen

el german sucre bolivia

El Germen is a small, dark, cozy restaurant specialising in vegetarian food. Their menu boasts two pages of tasty vegetarian dishes, one page of meat dishes, and a cabinet displaying an array of delicious baked goods.

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There are a number of traditional Bolivian dishes on offer, as well as Peruvian, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. They also have tofu which is pretty exciting! Highlights include veggie curry, falafel, papa a la huancaĆ­na and vegetarian lasagna. The menu del dia is great value at 20 Bs ($3 US).

The restaurant, while simply decorated and at times slow in service, is cheap and cheerful, giving vegetarians a great option for meat-free dining.

Price: Mains 25-40 Bs ($3-6 US)

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