Capital Plaza Hotel

The spacious and comfortable Capital Plaza is set in a elegantly decorated colonial building.

Capital Plaza Hotel has forty rooms, as well as a 4 suites and 2 duplex apartments.

Located right on Sucre’s central square, Plaza 25 de Mayo, it is arguably the best location from which to explore the capital.

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Capital Plaza Hotel Facilities


  • Dining room
  • Conference room
  • Organization of special events
  • Spacious lounge and private dining room
  • Games room
  • In-room WiFi
  • Fax facilities
  • Reservation and ticketing air and ground service
  • Tours – including tours of the city, museums, art and culture, countryside, and Cal’Orko dinosaur footprints.
  • Currency exchange
  • Room service
  • Car rental

Capital Plaza Rooms and Rates

Capital Plaza Hotel Sucre Bolivia collage

Capital Plaza offers twin, double and triple rooms for approx. $90 per night (inc. tax).

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