Alpaca Andina

Alpaca Andina

A great place to shop for clothing in Sucre is Alpaca Andina.

The shop is dedicated to fair trade, and sources its products from several organisations:

  • T’ika – a La Paz based women’s organization which produced all-natural 100% alpaca wool clothing and accessories. Andina is the only Bolivian outlet for these unique items.
  • Da Bolsa Boliviana – created by Alpaca Andina itself, Da Bolsa provides employment opportunities to 7 youths from disadvantaged backgrounds (many come from the San Augustin orphanage). The youths design, create and sell a line of modern handbags fabricated with recycled Bolivian textiles.
  • Villa Esperanza – an Oruro-based organization which produces 100% wool textiles colored naturally with dyes made from flowers and seeds.

The items on sale at Alpaca Andina are beautifully crafted and the style is both sophisticated and modern.

Place: Alpaca Andina
Address: Calle Calvo 64, Sucre, Bolivia
Phone: 67604431 or 72887652

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